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Mixing all things designer, modern & vintage - Dechoes is a place truly for the Fashion OBSESSED!


The Long Weekend Ahead :)

Kerri Colangelo

“I love this image that Mikey shot. I don’t even remember how many shots he took that day. All I remember was standing up on the ledge outside the College Park shot in the blazing sun -but for this image, it was all worth it. “ -Flower.

Floral printed scarf, Gucci. Price available upon request.

An image like this helps one to dream of lovely summer days spent outside.

The other day I saw Nitza and her husband crossing the street and as she approached our store, her lovely face was framed with a colorful little scarf tied around her neck. The wispy ends were bouncing and fluttering with the wind as she walked. It made me smile.

Let me describe to you a beautiful day.

Spend some time outside on your day off. Then to cool off, pick up a cold brew or a juice (for those of you refraining from caffeine). May we suggest Credo or New Moon right in the College Park neighborhood.

Then stop in and plunk down on our couch. They’ll offer you a drink. It’s your day off so you can have two drinks if you want. With the image of the scarf in mind, flip the pages of the Hermès book next to you that teaches one the many ways in which to wear a scarf. Sure you can Google how but wouldn’t it be nice to sip and flip. Then buzz around our shop and hunt a bit.

Hunter. Gather 

That’s my idea of a lovely day. Now onto your next adventure. Now that you know a couple of new ways to fold and tie a scarf, wear it one on your next day off to make yourself smile. 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. We will be closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day. We will be open on the following day at 11AM with walk-ins starting at noon :)

Image by Mikey Massas. // Words by Flower Ta.

🐰 Happy Easter!

Kerri Colangelo

We will be closed Easter Sunday to be with our family and friends. We will reopen at 11AM on Monday with walkins starting at 12PM.

💕 Happy Easter to you!

Red Sylvie pumps, Gucci // Image by Mikey Massas.

🐾 Dog Day Afternoon

Kerri Colangelo

Q) Who’s a good boy? Quilted Cambon belt, Chanel. Wool/cashmere blend coat, Theory.

A) This guy. And so this guy gets belly rubs.

Did we mention that we love little furry friends? Please bring them by to shop ❤️.

This little guy was was on his workout run right as we were outside taking an IG shot. We simply could not resist this photo opportunity and he was a perfect gentleman.

Thank you for modeling for us :)

Images by Flower Ta

💕 Upcoming Event: Sip & Sell

Kerri Colangelo

This event is dedicated to all of the customers who asked for something stronger than our pink lemonade.

This Thursday at the College Park Shop we are doing something special. From 12-5PM we are topping off your offer with an additional 10%. Cheers to Spring cleaning 2019!

Look forward to seeing you ;) 💕 💕 💕

Little Details

Kerri Colangelo

Burberry Kensington trench coat, Hologram star-print combat boots, Valentino.

Pyramid stud ankle books, Fendi.

Black West backpack with American Dreaming patches, Coach.

Some delicious details are hidden until the wind blows and you catch a glimpse of the pattern inside a coat.

Other details dance around an ankle.

Then, there are details one will see as someone walks on ahead.

All images courtesy of @dechoesresale

❤️ Happy Valentine's Day, Love ❤️

Kerri Colangelo

May I kiss your hands? Wool-blend coat, vintage Chanel. Monogrammed crossbody, vintage Gucci.

I ❤️ tea time. (L) Small zip pouch, Louis Vuitton. Embroidered dress, vintage. (R) Porcelain saucer and cup, vintage. Cut-out “G” ring, Gucci.

C’mon baby light my fire. -Gigi. (It’s no secret at the shops. She gives the best kisses.) T-shirt, vintage Stüssy.

This is Gigi and she’s coming to get you. And when she’s done with you - you’re going to be covered in nummy puppy kisses :)

Happy V-Day! We love you!!!

All images courtesy of @dechoesresale

Blue Skies, Green Earth

Kerri Colangelo

Outdoor voices and thoughts. (L) Nova check cosmetic pouch from Burberry, vintage Yves Saint Laurent floral scarf. (R) Saint Laurent Wyatt Jodhpur boots.

A couple of shots from our IG that make me smile :)

A tiny pick me up that holds only the essentials and a little thing around the neck that’s a pretty alternative to a bandana.

And those boots. Let’s not forget the boots. With suede that looks soft and plush like moss.

All images courtesy of @dechoesresale

❤️ Welcome to 2019!

Kerri Colangelo

Farewell to 2018. Hello, 2019 :)

It’s here! We can’t believe it either.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers. We loved seeing your faces all year round.

Cheers to this year!

❤️ With love,

The Dechoes Family

All images courtesy of @dechoesresale


Kerri Colangelo

Smells like Christmas Spirit. Caralyn Clark, Amanda Mosher, Keana Frierson, Mikey Massas, Will Bassler, Kaitlyn Higby, Hannah Morel, Jon Jackson, and Flower Ta.

To you, your friends, and families,

We put on our best ugly Christmas sweaters just for you.

It’s just our way of saying, thank you so much for your support. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year and send you our love and gratitude.

Again, many thanks and big hugs... with ❤️ ,

The Dechoes Family :)

Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve - 11-5

Christmas Day - Closed

New Year's Eve - 11-6

New Year's Day - Closed

Photographer: Mikey Massas /// Concept: Flower Ta /// Layout Assistant: Kaitlin Higby

Fifteen Days Until...

Kerri Colangelo

Christmas! PIck and Choose. Salt and Vinegar from Dirty Potato Chips. Zip around wallet, Celine covering The Ultimate Sub from Publix. Dinky Nasa crossbody from Coach. Metallic silver cardigan by Prada worn over vintage Christmas sweater.

We’ve got the goods for those special people on your list.

Stop in and load up your arms.

We’ll see you soon ;)

Image by Mikey Massas.

It's Coming! Fill-A-Bag Time!

Kerri Colangelo

((( Yes, this Saturday. )))

We open at 9AM bright and early so you can shop and get your number for the line-up. Then, go crazy and stuff some bags! It’s a bag sale :)

Small Business Weekend Starts Now!

Kerri Colangelo

❤️ Hello neighbors!

Pledge your support to local businesses and organizations this weekend by planning your outing around local shops, small eateries, coffee shops. This is my favorite weekend for picking up treats here and there that will give me plenty of energy for holiday shopping which can be pretty crazy. Ask anyone at either shop for yummy suggestions in the neighborhood if you’re stumped :)

Yes, Saturday is the day but we have extended the sale for the whole weekend. Let’s celebrate all weekend with 15% off entire purchase including clearance merchandise.

2018 marks the 9th Annual Small Business Saturday. Stop into either location on Saturday and pick up a SHOP SMALL tote designed by Jin Wei with $25 purchase. While supplies last :) Did I mention that we’ll be toasting the day with complimentary mimosas at both shops.

And please don’t forget about the Sip Shop & Stroll at College Park from 3-7 PM. Buy tickets here.

❤️ We look forward to seeing you in the shops and around town this weekend!

Images by Mikey Massas.

We Are Grateful & Thankful for You!

Kerri Colangelo

Let us take moment this holiday to give thanks to you. We are ever so grateful and lucky to have lovely and loyal customers like yourselves.

On behalf of all of us at Dechoes, we wish you and your family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving :)

❤️, The Dechoes Family

👻 Happy Halloween!

Kerri Colangelo


What is your most favorite thing that you’ve scored at Dechoes and why?

Treats Please. Lace up Maximo Tramezza boots from Salvatore Ferragamo. Horsebit purse, Gucci.

Pumpkin time 🎃. Make sure to enter the IG contest by commenting about your most favorite find for a chance to win a treat! We can’t wait to read your answers :)

Have a happy and safe one tonight,

❤️ From the Dechoes Family 👻👻👻

All images courtesy of @dechoesresale

🎃 5 Fave Questions with the Team

Kerri Colangelo

I asked the whole Dechoes Family about their current favorite things. I loved the answers so much I had to share. Enjoy!

1. Fave thing in the shop right now:
2. Fave treat/food/or drink now:
3. Fave song:
4. Fave thing you can't stop wearing:
5. Mood:

1. Super soft 80's band tees
2. Spicy boiled peanuts
3. Redbone by Childish Gambino
4. Moschino micro purse
5. Any vine that ends mid scream

- Amanda M.

1. YSL black patent leather Wyatt boots
2. Ultimate Pub Sub w/ extra mayo
3. Hurting - SG Lewis
4. Mia Sneakers
5. Taking a nap when I have 10 different things that need to be done.

- Caralyn C.

1. Vintage green Coca-Cola sweatshirt
2. One molten lava Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut fresh off the conveyor belt when the HOT sign is on.
3. Yumeji's Theme - Shigeru Umebayashi 
4. Vintage Levi's high waist wide leg jeans with orange tab.
5. Solar totality

- Flower Ta

1. Taupe Fendi Kan I Small
2. Green tea boba
3. Kids These Days - Shakey Graves 
4. AF1s
5. Juuuust woke up from a nap but honestly I don’t think another would hurt

- Hannah M.

1. Tiffany choker 
2. Chick-Fil-A nugs, burrito of any kind, coffee 
3. Charlotte's Thong by Connan Mockasin
4. Clare V. crossbody purse from Dechoes
5. Passing out for 3 hours after drinking mimosas at the Waldorf Astoria pool all day

- Kaitlin H.

1. Vintage gold maxi dress
2. Chocolate covered pomegranates
3. Something in the Way - Jorja Smith 
4. Black
5. Doing hw the night it’s due

- Keana F.

1. Chanel leather jacket 
2. Cheez-Its
3. Feel the Love by Kids See Ghosts 
4. Gucci black leather Queen Margaret loafers from Dechoes 
5. I hate gambling... it is awesome 

-Kerri C.

1. My Triple S Balenciagas
2. Trader Joe’s Sparkling Grapefruit Water and dates
3. Schuld Uns'res Knoch'rigen Faltpferd - Bethlehem
4. My Triple S Balenciagas
5. Shrugging brown boy emoji

- Mikey M.

1. Hermes Boardshorts
2. Pub Subs
3. Baby Metal - Kimi to Anime Ga Mitai
4. Balenciaga Speed Trainers
5. sigh

- Will B.

❤️ Thank you everyone :)

Image courtesy of @dechoesresale / Interviews by Flower Ta

Black & White & Liked All Over

Kerri Colangelo

Ivory faux fur jacket, Vintage. Fleming Matte handbag made of rubberized PU from Tory Burch. All animal friendly.

District MM Monogram Eclipse Canvas messenger, Louis Vuitton.

Perforated patent leather Wyatt boots from Saint Laurent.

Black & white duffle (SS18), Supreme. 100mm Link Leather Mid-Top Sneakers, Buscemi.

Men’s black leather belt, Louis Vuitton.

When did it become October 🎃?

We can’t stop buying things in black because it looks good and we know we’ll wear them :)

See you soon!

All images courtesy of @dechoesresale

☔ Maybe Your Baby's Got The Blues

Kerri Colangelo

Recital Handbag from Louis Vuitton, nail color, Bleu Majorelle 18 from Yves Saint Laurent

Reed Krakoff Tri-Color Leather Box Tote.

Stella McCartney Falabella Shoulder Flap Bag.

Tory Burch Zip Around backpack. 

Vintage Levi's denim jacket, Louis Vuitton GM Bucket Bag. 

Balenciaga Race Runner Sneakers. 


☔Proof that rainy weather and the blues don't always have to be negative things. Look at these head turners. Take one look over your shoulder and then move on because these babies are gone gone gone. 


All images courtesy of @dechoesresale


💓 Thank You, Orlando ;)

Kerri Colangelo

Sitting pretty with a Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal. 

"This is beautiful, what is this velvet?" Star zipped high top, Chanel

NéoNoé bucket bag from Louis Vuitton

Nova Check micro-bag, Burberry


💓 To the Extended Dechoes Family,

You bring to us such lovely items. Luxury, vintage and smart, functional, beautiful everyday pieces. What would we do without you? Each one we can recall where it came from and each one we can recall where it went.


This is to say thank you for all the years and we wouldn't be here without your support!


 The Dechoes Family


🇯🇵 Travel Duality: A Look At Tokyo

Kerri Colangelo

Last year, I planned a trip with absolute duality. It took me from the sensory overload of Tokyo to a tranquil and remote rainforest in Borneo.
PT. 1 Tokyo.
What can I say about Tokyo other than it is like no other city you will every visit.
❤️ Let's explore, shop and everything in between :)

Connectivity and the Nature of Things. Installation at The Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. The other show I caught was Araki Nobuyoshi | Sentimental Journey 1971-2017 at Top Museum which was incredibly beautiful and moving. 


Electric Avenue. The pleasantly overstimulating Shinjuku District at night. 


Crosswalk Congestion. Any time during the day, the crush of shoppers in front of Shibuya Modi.


Won't you be my neighbor? (above L to R)  ❤️1. A slice of architecture that forced me to stop and stare.  2. Exit Shinjuku. Enter next neighborhood. A view from my walk to vintage shops galore. 2. Assorted Japanese snacks for fuel, fast food, Rhubarb Series 5 Sherbet from Comme des Garcons.


Shopping in Shimokitazawa. (above L to R)  1. I sought out this neighborhood specifically because I had heard of the unusually high concentration of vintage and secondhand shops. The streets are very narrow which limits car traffic, making the roads pedestrian friendly. I love this feature because it makes the neighborhood more intimate and charming. The best way to get to know a city is to throw yourself into the neighborhoods and just walk. It feels very inspiring and powerful to enter a district where you know the people around you not only understand but share your ❤️ for vintage.  2. Inside New York Joe Exchange where the crew was so sweet and warm.  I purchased a thin threadbare blue vintage Nike tee with the Swoosh. One of my new favorite tees. 3. Sacks of loot inside NYJE on the upper floor.  4. Shopgirl burning up social media on her phone and guarding the loot at NYJE.


More digging for buried treasures and people watching in Shimokitazawa. (above L to R)  1. Entryway to Haight & Ashbury (same owners of the shops: Boy and Fake Tokyo) 2. Checking out the curated stock inside Flamingo, which has multiple locations in Tokyo.  3. Storefront of Juxtaposition. Another one of many small vintage shops in my favorite but often overlooked neighborhood. 


Humanity. (above L to R) 1. Beautiful pristine ox-blood vintage wheels in Jingūmae.  2. A lovely, small handwritten card at WRITE&DRAW in Shibuya, where I impulse purchased little gifts :)  I ❤️ the proudly -Made in Japan- reminder.  3. What was that? Oh, just a missile from North Korea that shot over Japan while I was visiting.  4. Personal touches on a once white Mazda. All by humans.


Dan Flavin | Espace Louis Vuitton. (L to R) After days of feeling like a canned sardine in the streets and on subway cars, I recharged here. The hidden treasure of Tokyo waits on the 7th floor of the LV flagship. I took the elevator up and there were two guards standing in a vast space the size of a basketball court that offered 6 installations -all free to see BTW. It is the opposite of a cave; A space flooded with light that offers the most stunning views of the city. I only wished that more people knew of this space. 


Sharp contrast. (above L to R) 1. Farewell. An overview of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. 2. From overpopulated cityscape to remote, lush rainforest. Touchdown in Sarawak, Borneo.  3. Opening of a cave at Gunung Mulu National Park.


Connectivity and the Natural Thing. View of the terrain below on the flight from Miri to Sarawak, Borneo. 


This trip was all about balance, but at the same time exploring and experiencing two extremes. I feel as if the reoccurring conversation I have had with customers as of late has been about balance in everything - food, social media, possessions. It was interesting to go from absolute speed in Tokyo to slow in Mulu. In Tokyo, every amenity that I could dream or imagine was a walk or a quick metro trip away. In Mulu, the luxury was about needing less and experiencing raw connectivity with nature. I was able to breathe the best quality of air that has ever entered my lungs. And in case I forgot, the small sign in my hotel room was there to remind me to shift gears, slow down:
"Unplug at Mulu Marriott. Mulu Marriott is nestled in a remote tropical Rainforest, on the outskirts of the UNESCO Gunung Mulu National Park... Connectivity is not available in your guest room so relax, unplug, & unwind."
Thank you. That's exactly what I did ;)
❤️ Flower Ta, Creative Director
All images courtesy of Flower Ta.