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2110 Edgewater Drive
Northwest Orlando, FL, 32804


Mixing all things designer, modern & vintage - Dechoes is a place truly for the Fashion OBSESSED!


Amy's Illustrated Wish List

Kerri Colangelo

❤️  One of the things that I love most about the shop is seeing the different style of each customer who walks in. The same goes for the team. I get just as excited to see what they wear to work everyday. We all get to see what the customers buy -so, I thought that it would be interesting for you to see what it is that we love and buy for ourselves. I asked Amy, who has done the loveliest drawing on the chalkboard wall at the College Park shop, to curate and illustrate a few things that spoke to her. I think the images she came up with are beautiful and had to share with you. 

Here are five of Amy's favorite things:

1. Amy: Who isn't a sucker for some buttery soft high-waisted denim in a neutral color? Especially from reputable, quality (aka lasting) brands like Jil Sander.

2. Amy: These mules are perfect! They look dainty and tough simultaneously. The design is really smart and balanced, black leather and point-shoe shape with the bow and dainty Chanel monogram.... AND they're comfortable. 

2. Amy: These mules are perfect! They look dainty and tough simultaneously. The design is really smart and balanced, black leather and point-shoe shape with the bow and dainty Chanel monogram.... AND they're comfortable. 

3. Amy: Classic Gucci horsebit gets me every time. I find the bulky horsebit intimidating, especially as a simple belt. It looks a little bit like a well-structured defense barrier and works as a really beautiful statement piece. 

4. Amy: I really appreciate any sort of leather with a heavy patina. This Dolce & Gabbana cash wallet is so beautiful, the alligator texture and wide range of tone in the leather really does it for me. Such a simple and lasting design, the kind of wallet you should keep forever.

5. Amy: I've developed such a soft spot for any of the nylon Prada bags. I have a backpack in the same material that's become one of my favorite possessions, but this little tote is also really special. I'm a big fan of Prada's tendency to make their ready-to-wear very militant and industrial looking.




All illustrations by Amy Dorian. / Prices available upon request.

Happy Sunday to You :)

Kerri Colangelo

Tiny Bursts of Color. The perfect caramel pebbled leather backpack with pockets galore to hold all of the essentials needed for an excursion into the wild or asphalt jungle. Backpack from UO with vintage snapback and fresh red daisy. All clothes are vintage and models own.

It's Sunday. We wish you a wonderful last official day of the weekend!



Image by Flower Ta / Model: Amy Dorian (more to come from Amy later :) 

Sale Weekend!

Kerri Colangelo

I just can't get you out of my head. The item(s) you saw in the store that you've had your eye on, checking to see if it is still around. We know you've been so patient. The time is now.

Drop by...

Take an additional 20% off markdown items.

The last day to take advantage of this sale is tomorrow. We'll see you soon ;)



Image by Mikey Massas / Model: Amanda Mosher

🌍 Happy Earth Day 2017!

Kerri Colangelo

We always encourage you to go green and decline a bag. Show us your eco-tote today at checkout and receive 10% off your entire purchase*.

❤️ A beautiful world. Today is a reminder that we need to take care of it and protect it :)



Everything under $200 is 10% off. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions and includes markdown items.

Image by Mikey Massas | Model: Nic Bradley.

Watch Out : Dali + Frida

Kerri Colangelo

La terre n'est pas une vallée de larmes | Earth is not a valley of tears. Swatch watch, 1989 with Surrealist Salvador Dalí design. 

This vintage Swatch "Croque Monsieur" came in yesterday. I have always loved Swatch watches because I find it humorous that they are plastic and Swiss made. It reminded me to remind everyone else to check out the Frida Kahlo show at The Dali in St. Petersburg. The show ends on April 17th. Jon told me to take advantage of the audio guide which is complimentary and so my friend and I took our time at the exhibit. It was small and incredibly intimate and this quality made it exceptional to me.

Famous pairing. A projection of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo at one of the most intimate and heartbreaking shows I have even been to. 

Wishful thinking. Juli and other visitors add wishes to the ficus tree outside the museum.

Streaming band width. Close-up. My own personal Swatch watch from 2009 and my Timex. Both from you-know-where. 

The Dali Wish Tree. (left to right) 1. My wish: To let my friends know how much I <3 them.  2. Me under a canopy of wishes. The tree had such good vibes. I loved it there.  3. I love that this beautiful installation is made of the ribbon that we are so quick to tear off of our wrist and quickly discard. It is a perfect example that something so small and ephemeral like a wristband and a wish or desire can make something so beautiful.

Casa Azul. This is Frida in her garden outside the walls of the house in which she was born and passed away in. It is one of my favorite pictures at the show because it features: "her hairless dog Xolo in a jacket at her feet".

This upcoming weekend is also our Eggstravaganza Easter Weekend filled with prize-stuffed eggs. Stop by on Friday and Saturday and break open some eggs with us :) We will be closed on Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter in advance to all of our lovely customers and their families <3




All images by Flower Ta

Carry-On Restrictions

Kerri Colangelo

Excess Baggage. (top to bottom) Chanel eyeglasses, Vintage dress, Louis Vuitton Cherry Cerises Murakami Speedy 25, Longchamp Le Pliage, vintage Gucci crossbody, Michael Kors Jet Set, Louis Vuitton Montaigne, vintage straw hat, Dansko laser-cut eyelet heels. 

Just one carry-on. Five personal items. One hat.

All the beautiful berry-hued essentials and more, more, and more for your spring excursions :)


❤️  A special thanks to Robyn Mowatt for the kind words in Racked. Read here.

❤️  And thank you to Diana Juliao for the mention in The Seminole Scribe.


Image by Flower Ta / Model: Caralyn Clark

Map Quest

Kerri Colangelo

Putting us on the map :) A special thanks to Breanne DiDomenico of Horizons Vintage for including us on the Orlando shopping map. Everyone is so used to activating navigation on a screen and so, it's such a nice change to hold a physical map -might we add, a beautifully designed map. 



Image by Flower Ta / Map designed by Michellina Jones (@michellina)

Louis? Oui! Oui!

Kerri Colangelo

No one can argue with me when I say that Louis Vuitton is one the best selling brands at the shops. Emails. DMs. Calls. Texts. Everyday we get inquiries about luxury items, especially the highly coveted LV goods. The requests do not stop. Intake. Authentication. Distribution. Our turnover of modern and vintage LV is unsurpassed- bar none.

What is most interesting to me is the superpower of a luxury brand, even a second time around. The namesake alone sells the goods.

I spoke to a customer the other day about her prized purse collection, some of which she was selling to us. I have these conversations often. I asked this longtime customer why she preferred her LV over all other bags. She said that the bag was durable and functional. It lasted a long time. She could set it on the floor. She could mistreat it and abuse it (to a certain degree) -yet it still looked fresh as a daisy. She added that since it is made of coated canvas and not leather, it is lightweight. A good trait for an everyday bag.

I am most curious about what attracts customers to each item. I like to know which pieces get the most usage and rotation. I'm always curious about what our customers look for. Which item is on their hunting list? Most of the time, they say they love the randomness of what appears at Dechoes, the happenstance.

Her Louis Vuitton handbag is her investment buy. It is a luxury accessory that is masquerading as an everyday bag. It fits and functions effortlessly in her life, holds all her belongings, and doesn't quit looking good. More importantly, it makes her happy and improves her life. Aren't we all in constant pursuit of such object?

Hint: Are you on the hunt for something similar? Has something in the store or on our Instagram caught your gaze? Are you anticipating the next thing that arrives? We take the unattainable and put in within reach for you. Maybe a big ticket investment object is a good incentive for you to spring clean your wardrobe. How good will that feel knowing that you worked so hard to declutter your closet inch by inch, diligently trimming the excess of the things you don't need or use anymore? Be ruthless with your cleaning. Do it this week. Eyes on the prize, my friend. Eyes always on the prize.




All images via @dechoesresale.

🍀 Clover Field

Kerri Colangelo

Lucky Charms. It's all in the details of this skirt. Black celluloid buttons decorated with gold-tone shamrock featured at back hemline. Skirt, vintage Chanel.

Upon closer look. A mix of typeset and human detail on the tag. Made in France, Collection 18, 100% laine or wool, 100% soie or silk lining. 

With 🍀 Saint Patrick's Day 🍀 starting off the weekend, I thought that it would be nice to highlight the gorgeous buttons on a Chanel skirt hanging out at the Coytown shop. Discovering beautiful details like this never ever gets old. I liken it to treasure hunting.

Make sure to stop by one of the shops on Friday for a chance to win Dechoes treasure. Up for grabs is a pot of gold, i.e. $50 store credit 🍀. Just say "Lucky Charms" at checkout to enter the contest. Double your chances by wearing green. Go green and triple your luck of the Irish. 


Images by Flower Ta

You've Been Running Around in My Mind

Kerri Colangelo

It's the weekend. The perfect time for a shoe sale :)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Stop in this weekend and treat yourself. Give your feet something new to ride around in. 

Vintage? Designer? Loafers? Slides? Boots? Sneakers? Heels? Wedges? Strappy sandals? D'orsay flats? Find a pair that you fancy :)



In Memory of

Kerri Colangelo

Portrait of Mr. Melvin Colangelo.

Many of you had the pleasure of meeting him: a devastatingly handsome black and white Boston Terrier. He greeted customers with a smile and ran around the store making others smile with him.

We love you, Melvin and will miss you.




Illustration by Flower Ta.

Not Local? Shop Online :)

Kerri Colangelo

We often get suggestions to open stores in cities and towns all over the country. For now, we have two shops and of course, there's the online store. If you are far away, don't forget that you can still shop right from the palm of your hand. We hope that you find something that you love because we loved sourcing it just for you.



Images courtesy of @dechoesresale.

❤️️ Happy V-Day ❤️️

Kerri Colangelo

Going Dutch? How does that work? What is the etiquette when it comes to deciding whether or not you'll split the bill tonight?


It happens only once a year. Just once. Find the right outfit or thing to put you in a good mood for this evening. Anything red or pink is on sale. Just today though. Show up wearing these and there's a clever way to break the ice and let them know you'll be going Dutch. 

 ❤️️  Happy Valentines's Day!

Hugs and Kisses <3, The Dechoes Family



Cherry red clogs with windmill motif at College Park. Made in Holland. / Image by Mikey Massas.

Love Tyrant

Kerri Colangelo

Guess who? The Monarch of Hearts @Dechoes. Of course, it's a she. We all genuflect. Hail the Queen of Hearts <3

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.

Just a heads up.

Are you looking for something for that special someone? Stop in and see if something clicks - or it's off with your head.

Just kidding ;)



Image by Flower Ta

Super Bowl Sunday

Kerri Colangelo

Roman Numeral Holiday. MCM = 1900. Jon with the stance of someone watching the Super Bowl in a sports bar. Amanda with the stance of a girlfriend wanting her boyfriend to leave the sports bar. 


It's Super Bowl Sunday MMXVII. Let's not think of anything heavy and enjoy our last day of the weekend :)



Image 1 by Pam Rickard / Image 2 by Flower Ta

Let's Go Green!

Kerri Colangelo

It's a little over a week into 2017 and this is the month to start over, fresh and green. It is a month of significant change. At Dechoes, change is something that we are always embracing and adapting to.

Dechoes was founded 16 years ago on the concept of renewal. Each and every item that we welcome into the store is hand-curated because we believe that these things have another life and can still bring us joy. These softly used items get a second chance when they adorn our body and reenter the world. This concept is simple and beautiful. It is the core of what we do. 

We cast a wide net in terms of audience. In my opinion, it is a very democratic shopping experience. With this in mind, we feel it is our responsibility to set a positive example not just with what we say but with what we do- by breeding positivity. And with the focus on the past years on global warming, we are continually trying to improve the business while at the same time lessening our carbon footprint.

Dechoes will no longer carry plastic bags. It was a few months ago that we were due to reorder 25,000 plastic bags. We made a hard decision not to. We felt that it was backwards. Instead, we ordered a modest batch of paper bags made of post-consumer material. The timing was good. We have always encouraged our customers to go green and to decline a bag. Now in 2017, let's all get a lot of use out of our reusable totes. We will be charging 10 cents per bag from now on. Yes, it is a small nudge, but in the right direction. This fee will definitely remind us to BYOB.


Slow and sustainable design. Did you know that we break down packaging materials to reuse for printed matter in the store and for shipping orders? The next time you're in, take a closer look. 

Go slow. Grow slow. We always opt for post-consumer material. Just one FedEx envelope yields 15 jewelry tags. The process is laborious, but we believe that a bit of sweat is worth it in the long run.

Let's all make a promise to be more socially aware and environmentally conscious this year. With technology increasing our connectivity, I believe the world is getting smaller in a way. Certainly, what we do here as a dot on a sphere reaches other parts of the world, but more so now in this age with more force and more impact.

Every positive step, whether it's a leap or incremental, brings us closer to making the world a better place. We don't just wish it. We want it and we're going to work at it. So, let's do it together. 


If you have any suggestions about what we can do to be more green, please let me know. I'd <3 to hear your feedback:

Flower Ta, Creative Director



Image 1 by Flower Ta / Image 2 & 3 by Tony Gonzalez

Who's On First?

Kerri Colangelo

!!! We've made it. We have officially entered a new one. Let's not look back. Let's look only forward. 

😮 OMG! It's Sunday -the first fresh day of the year. Here's to new beginnings. Here's to 2017.  Cheers to you - our loyal, lovely, handsome, smart forward-thinking customer who came to see us at all three locations and who supported us this year and so many past years that we've lost count. We love you and wish you peace, love and happiness.

Happy Happy New Year!

With <3,
The Dechoes Family


*The College Park and Coytown locations are closed today. The Dechoes Artegon is open from 11am to 6pm. We will resume normal hours tomorrow :)

🎄 Season's Greetings 🎄

Kerri Colangelo

🎁 ... and Merry Christmas to you and to your loved ones :)

As we draw closer to the peak of the holiday season and the end of another year, we look back on all the positive things that came to be. Thanks to you, our loyal Dechoes customers for making 2016 an outstanding year. 

This year we hit a lot of milestones. We hit 17K followers on our Instagram, launched an online boutique, and hit record sales at all three of our locations. 

Again, thank you so much for all of your loyalty, your Instagram comments, your Facebook likes, and all of your kind words. 

We wish you the best and here's to making 2017 an even better year!


Lots of <3,
Mike and Kerri Colangelo and the entire Dechoes Family



Image courtesy of @dechoesresale / Vintage shirt with wreath motif and Hermès suede chocolate hat.

Spotlight: Amanda Mosher of Ametista

Kerri Colangelo


It was the Summer of 2014 and I have this memory of being in her apartment in Chicago. I was sitting in the middle of the bed watching TV. It took a little bit of time to turn around but, when I did, it was like a tiny little world had formed right behind me out of sight. She had set up an assembly line right over my shoulder and was happily working as quiet as a mouse. When she finished she gave me a precious sea urchin pendant. Then, it was in during the Winter of 2015 that she would gift me a tooth. 

INTERVIEW | Flower Ta speaks to Amanda Mosher of Ametista

FlowerI've had the pleasure of traveling around the states with you - halfway across the US, Portland, Austin, New Orleans to name a few. It's been 2 years since we last did the last interview. Can you believe that it was before 2015? And it was only 1 year ago that we were on that wild journey (Oslo, Iceland, Paris, Berlin). You've been doing the bilateral-living wanderlust thing. Tell me more about that and your future travel plans. No, I can't believe that. Time frames have always confused me. Right now I have the opportunity to split my time between Florida and Chicago. It is the best of both worlds for me. The same goes for traveling, major cities like Paris or Rome are great for the history/art/delicious food aspects. But, when I'm traveling through the States or in other countries, I want to explore the National Parks because in nature is where I feel most content.  

Can you explain your attraction to these organic materials - like bone, teeth, stones? All the materials I use, i consider to be atypical and magical. Each stone I got in a random, tiny town that I may never return to. Each bone I found on a hiking trip in the middle of nowhere. All the components I handle are very special to me and have extraordinary memories attached to them. 


What drives you to create? This is my outlet. Even as a child, for as long as I can remember, if I am not involved in something creative, I am not happy.

What are you searching for? Can you find it through your work? I am not necessarily searching for anything. Instead, I strive to become a better person and to learn as much about the world as possible. This enables me to discover new qualities about myself and opens me up to new standards, which I think is reflected in my work. 

Is there an artist or creator - another who's work you admire? There are many artists that I admire but those who inspire me the most are my friends. Whatever their medium is whether it's music, textiles, illustration, photography, publication, anything. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by amazingly talented and creative people who continually inspire me. 

What do you think that your work reflects or reveals about you? Yikes! Let me answer your question with another question, Flower. Answer me that and I will reveal to you the secrets of the universe.

F, I have no f*cking clue how to answer that question. And damn you for making these questions too deep <3 A
P.S. That is a Tom Robbins ref. Read the books!! :)


What time of day do you work and why? I mostly work at night. Night time is when I'm feeling either the most relaxed or the most anxious. Being creative when I'm relaxed makes me feel happy and accomplished. Being creative when I'm anxious helps me get out of my own head by focusing on an outside source that is not my anxiety. 

Do you have any rituals or a certain way you like your work space? I like a clean open workspace, but I will work in any space (cars, airports, scary motels).

Can you describe the perfect setting for a productive studio/work day (music, set up, what you wear)? The perfect setting would be a house in the middle of the woods, with all my books, skulls and crystals surrounding me. Probably either a history documentary or Metallica blaring in the background. My dog would be there trying to get on top of what I am doing (as you know he is a 70lb. pit so this is no crazy feat). I would be wearing my not stylish but functional "REI" clothing.  



*At Shakespeare and Company in Paris, Amanda picked up Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins and I picked up Haruki Murakami's South of the Border, West of the Sun. We read them on our trip and then traded. I'm still working on the Robbins book. 

The Ametista line is available at all three shops. / Images by Mikey Massas / Model is Amy Dorian / Interview by Flower Ta


🎄 The Sweater Song 🎄

Kerri Colangelo


🎄 🎄 🎄 You need a Christmas sweater and we have it. 🎄 🎄 🎄 

Do you need a vintage one? Check. Do you need an ugly one? Check. Do you need one enhanced with sparkly puffy paint or holiday appliqué or just random obnoxious ornamental stuff hanging off of it? Check. Check. Check.

What's that? You want to go above and beyond and wear a turtleneck with a vest? Check

Come to us so that you can find your sweater and get the participation points at that party you have to go to. The one where you'll eat glitter-covered cookies and fill your SOLO cup way, way up and get your punch or your eggnog on. Cheers!

Dechoes wishes you a safe and happy holiday ;)



Image 1 by Mikey Massas / Image 2 by Flower Ta