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Mixing all things designer, modern & vintage - Dechoes is a place truly for the Fashion OBSESSED!


These are a few of my favorite things :)

Kerri Colangelo


Most of the time, the things in the store that I gravitate towards have a history. There is a human element. It could be a weathered and handwritten label, a patina on solid leather that has developed and matured over time. These things are interesting to me because there is story to be told when you pick up the object and begin to interact with it. Since each item that enters the store is curated by the buyers and from our network of customers, when another person takes that item home with them, it's a compliment because they too see the beauty in it and wish to introduce it into their own space.  

Here are some of my favorite things...

Tactile senses. 1. A full view of the world with relief details of the continents. Globe from Replogle, World Ocean Series (Cartographer: Le Roy M. Tolman)  2. Handmade woven earrings in citrus colors.  3. Oversized ruched calfskin leather clutch in sherbet that speaks to the hands, Prada.

Amber energy. Stackable amber-hued vintage glassware. I love these because of the multifunctionality of glass vessels. Use it to showcase freshly-cut flowers, hold your morning juice, or to accentuate warm light from a votive candle. The color is what draws me. There is golden warmth that is lost with newer light bulbs. I love that they are eco, but the color is harsh and flat. Wood matches from The Oyster Bar at The Plaza Hotel, New York. 

These colors. Dress with haphazard paint print in muted earth-tones. Fanny pack with leather patchwork color-blocking. The two make quite a perfect pair. All vintage.

Connectivity. Vintage board game that teaches one the ABCs -fundamentals for communication courtesy of the Sumerians. The back is labeled with a marker in blue. As you can see, this once belonged to Reese

Clutch. As in you clutch the clutch. You clutch the phone that was ergonomically designed to be nestled to your ear, balanced and cradled on your shoulder while you juggle other tasks and mind the curly cord. Vintage shell purse repurposed from Working Woman Magazine with plastic cover and strap with button closure. Vintage phone with handwritten label showcasing the digits of the previous owner. 

Where fine chocolates and watches come from. Synonymous with neutrality. I am attracted to the painterly illustrations of the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramid Complex, a zebra, an elephant -all in vibrant colors. [PURE SILK MADE | IN SWITZERLAND] I love the label because of the tiny giraffe portrait. Scarves are modest and inexpensive works of art. If you look closely, you can see the stitch work. S/he flipped the edge into a tiny tube along the edge of the material and meticulously tacked the border with a single strand of thread. The result is impossible airiness, like a soufflé or a cloud. Each time I put my hands on a scarf of this quality, it reminds me just how much I love and appreciate honest artisanal work.

Flower Ta, Creative Director



All images by Flower Ta