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Mixing all things designer, modern & vintage - Dechoes is a place truly for the Fashion OBSESSED!


💓 Spotlight: Kandace 💓

Kerri Colangelo

💓 💓 Beautiful and Talented - a Dangerous Combination. 💓 💓 Meet Kandace Fuller, Manager/Buyer at Dechoes :)

What's your favorite outfit? Is there something that you can't stop wearing? I'm really into my favorite basic navy J Crew maxi dress. It's comfortable and easy to throw on and I can also style it up.

What was your style like in high school? Oh man... I was weird! I was goth for a little bit, and I thrifted a lot with my mom so I was always wearing random things I'd find. 

Three songs? I live off of 80s music. It never gets old to me. Any Smiths song, Pet Shop Boys, I also love Fleetwood Mac!

Projects outside of Dechoes? My boyfriend, Robert and I have a musical project we just started called Maneki Neko where we cover 80's songs in a grunge slowed down way -

Where do you want to travel? I would love to travel outside of the US because I never have! Possibly Scotland or the UK.

Favorite food- depending on store location? College Park: Christo's Cafe for the lemon chicken orzo soup. Colonial: Beefy King for their chicken sandwich.

Where to get a drink in Orlando? My personal favorite spot is Lil Indies. I love the music they play especially their free live bands. And their specialty drinks are delicious!

Secret talent? I used to dance, every kind you could think of -jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, pointe. I miss it and still pull out the moves after some drinks!

Best thing that you ever discovered at Dechoes? I get excited every single day about something I find in Dechoes. We get such unique pieces in that it's hard to have a favorite!




Images 1, 2, 4* by Mikey Massas. 3 by Antonio Gonzalez / Interview by Flower Ta