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It's Pronounced 'Hotlanta' Pt I

Kerri Colangelo

Wink. A Hotlanta souvenir welcomes Kerri, Mike and I to Atlanta for the 2016 NARTS Conference ;)

LL Cool J - Loungin. View from the Intercontinental Lounge. 

Loungin Breakfast: coffee, salmon with red onions and capers on toast, eggs, blackberries.

Chat session. Kerri gets ready for dinner. I sneak pictures while I wait.

Rare Selfie. Hotlanta Tub Time Machine.

The good people at The Intercontinental Buckhead want to drown their guests with linens. The bed was stocked with five pillows. It was a bit much as I have only one head. 

Coffee and a game plan. Kerri's Tiffany & Co. pen and not visible, her Louis Vuitton Neverfull which is always full.

Stocks, Current. A familiar listing and the Wall Street Journal. 

What's in my go-green-eco-bag? (from right to left) 1. An orange from the hotel lounge for energy. 2. NARTS name badge that was instructed to be worn at all events. No questions. 3. Intercontinental room key. 4. MARTA public transit pass. 5. "We <3 your style" card. 6. Paper Mate Flair - my most favorite pen in the world. My friend from LA sent me a box of 12 for my birthday and now I'm down to only four pens. 7. Sharpie - standard pen at every Dechoes location. I use blue for writing notes on my arm. 8. Scout Book - My friend from Portland sent this to me on my birthday. They're compact, light and perfect for jotting down ideas. When I'm juggling things and on the go, I put it in my mouth. You can see my lip print on the edge of both sides..

Messages from strangers. I would write messages on the notepads while waiting for the elevator and when we'd come back up, sometimes a reply would be waiting :)


Part II coming soon...


All Images by Flower Ta