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It's Pronounced 'Hotlanta' Pt II

Kerri Colangelo

Don't look back. Owners, Mike and Kerri Colangelo on the steepest, scariest, longest escalator ever encountered.

The Marta. Orlando needs this.

Snapshot. Next-level camera I spotted at Neiman Marcus by Judith Leiber. 

A thing of the past. Next-level film roll I spotted at Neiman Marcus by Judith Leiber. 

Suggestions. The sign I spotted at Rawsome Juicery while I waited patiently in a good-looking line. BTW, my juice was delicious and I drank it way too fast :)

Tea Time. The girls here at just add honey tea company were so sweet and well-dressed. 

Yes. Maybe later? Cute tip jar at Rawsome Juicery.

Simple and beautiful. The table setting at White Oak | Kitchen & Cocktails. Kerri points at the little details. 

Orbs. The lovely and irregularly shaped pendant lights at White Oak

Yes, more lighting. The wooden lighting fixtures that reminded me of a Sol Lewitt diagram.

Plants! Kerri and our friends from Resale World and Payment Logistics taking in the view on the terrace. 

Green Thumb. The handwritten labels on the plants grown right outside the restaurant. 

The Blue Room. Scenes from the Georgia Aquarium



All Images by Flower Ta