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Getting to Know Jana <3

Kerri Colangelo

A Tangerine Dream. Meet Jana Denney, the Social Media & Marketing Coordinator/Buyer at Dechoes :)

What's your favorite outfit? Is there something that you can't stop wearing? My favorite and ideal outfit to wear is a flowy maxi dress! Easiest, comfiest and you can always dress it up 💁🏻

What was you style like in high school? My style in high school was pretty normal and preppy. I didn't really fit into a certain group or style I don't think. I've always just worn whatever I liked no matter what store or designer it was. Buuuut I was definitely more on the preppy side than now!!

Where to get a drink in Orlando? I actually don't drink too much. I randomly developed an allergy like 2 years ago and slowly am figuring out exactly what type of alcohol I'm allergic to so I don't have a spot where I go out drinking. Buuuut I DO drink mimosas at my nail salon, so there's that!

Favorite food? My all-time FAVORITE meal is homemade, well, outta the can sloppy joes & curly fries 😍😍👌🏻👌🏻


Three songs? I'm definitely a Country girl! I lovvvvve Country music. My #1 favvvv song is by Garth Brooks, Shameless written by Billy Joel... But another fav song of mine is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls because it was the first dance at my wedding... Awwww! & a 3rd song that really means a lot would be All I Have to Do is Dream by The Everly Brothers.

Where would you like to travel? I reallyyyyyyyy want to go to Nashville, but I'm mildly nervous because I feel like I would never want to come home HA! 

Do you have a secret talent? I don't think there's a secret talent I have. I would just say I'm creative 💓💓

Best thing that you have ever discovered at Dechoes? The best thing that I have discovered at Dechoes would be anything LV! I have a slight obsession and I swear the best deals have been here!!




All images courtesy of Jana Denney