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Behind the Scenes: Dechoes Instagram Shot

Kerri Colangelo

We post a minimum of 3 Instagram shots a day for you. It's a daily exercise and they run around the neighborhood and make magic happen armed with just their phones. They are not required to brave the elements. But, sometimes they stand getting soaked in a torrential rainstorm just for a 1 second Boomerang video and it is inspiring - and so I followed behind and documented it to share with you.

When it rains, it pours. Tierney Lister is geared up and ready for the rain. Mikey Massas prepares to brave the downpour. 

It was raining cats and dogs that day. It was Tierney's idea to shoot the raincoat. Her energy was infectious. She did that puddle jump ten times. She jumped so many times that I lost count and every time, she did it with as much enthusiasm as the first. And Mikey stood diligently in the rain getting soaked until he got a final shot. This is teamwork. 

Gimme Shelter. The ceremonious walk back to the awning of the College Park store. 

Peel slowly and see. And yes, after all of that -even after we are inside and Tier admits to me that with each splash into the puddle (remember, 10x's) a tidal wave would pour into the galoshes, - do you see it? Look closely. She is smiling.  



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All Images by Flower Ta