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Let's Go Green!

Kerri Colangelo

It's a little over a week into 2017 and this is the month to start over, fresh and green. It is a month of significant change. At Dechoes, change is something that we are always embracing and adapting to.

Dechoes was founded 16 years ago on the concept of renewal. Each and every item that we welcome into the store is hand-curated because we believe that these things have another life and can still bring us joy. These softly used items get a second chance when they adorn our body and reenter the world. This concept is simple and beautiful. It is the core of what we do. 

We cast a wide net in terms of audience. In my opinion, it is a very democratic shopping experience. With this in mind, we feel it is our responsibility to set a positive example not just with what we say but with what we do- by breeding positivity. And with the focus on the past years on global warming, we are continually trying to improve the business while at the same time lessening our carbon footprint.

Dechoes will no longer carry plastic bags. It was a few months ago that we were due to reorder 25,000 plastic bags. We made a hard decision not to. We felt that it was backwards. Instead, we ordered a modest batch of paper bags made of post-consumer material. The timing was good. We have always encouraged our customers to go green and to decline a bag. Now in 2017, let's all get a lot of use out of our reusable totes. We will be charging 10 cents per bag from now on. Yes, it is a small nudge, but in the right direction. This fee will definitely remind us to BYOB.


Slow and sustainable design. Did you know that we break down packaging materials to reuse for printed matter in the store and for shipping orders? The next time you're in, take a closer look. 

Go slow. Grow slow. We always opt for post-consumer material. Just one FedEx envelope yields 15 jewelry tags. The process is laborious, but we believe that a bit of sweat is worth it in the long run.

Let's all make a promise to be more socially aware and environmentally conscious this year. With technology increasing our connectivity, I believe the world is getting smaller in a way. Certainly, what we do here as a dot on a sphere reaches other parts of the world, but more so now in this age with more force and more impact.

Every positive step, whether it's a leap or incremental, brings us closer to making the world a better place. We don't just wish it. We want it and we're going to work at it. So, let's do it together. 


If you have any suggestions about what we can do to be more green, please let me know. I'd <3 to hear your feedback:

Flower Ta, Creative Director



Image 1 by Flower Ta / Image 2 & 3 by Tony Gonzalez