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❤️ Au Revoir, 2017

Kerri Colangelo

This winter I was able to drop into Paris, one of my favorite cities, to meet up with a couple of people whom I love. I made it a point to visit Colette, which has since officially closed its doors on December 20th. 
One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to visit all kinds of shops to get ideas for the store. Small charity shop, tiny boutique, high-end retail - they all offer a different experience. Colette was one that I respected and admired absolutely.
It is a sad farewell. Colette was known for its careful curation for fashion insiders. What I love most was the staff who were all sweet and attentive. No matter where we were in the labyrinth, you' d pick up something and they would offer to hold it for you. Then it all gets collected into a neat bundle at the front. You shop hands free (sound familiar?). The experience is very human, which I love. 

Inside Colette. (from L to R)  1. Brook with Anya Hindmarch's Chunky Eyes handbag. 2. Chanel Installation. 3. Detail of Chanel trainers with graphic textile on heel.  4. Mementos from 213 rue Saint Honore. Back in the day, they used to offer printable PDF magazines on their site. The design and illustrations were wonderful :)


The closing of a boutique this established reminds me of how important it is to support the small brick and mortar store. It is a reminder that the industry and the way that we shop is evolving with a heavier lean towards online shopping. With all that said, it makes me grateful that we are still kicking and thriving after all these years despite these changes. 
We believe in what we are doing and everyday we strive to offer you a unique and human shopping experience ; Each day that we are open is a simple reminder that you believe in us as well. This is so important to me and it makes me ever so grateful for our lovely customers who support us year after year. 


Snippets from the streets of Paris. (from L to R) 1. Street sign made better with stickers. Who needs a sign when you have GPS?  2. Scooter with Supreme box logo and my favorite Supreme sticker front and center, the daisy with crosshairs.  3. A curation of Nikes in apartment window.  4. A view from the Airbnb window.


Sit Down. Stand Up.  (from L to R)  1. Brook with Gucci Lady Web in the front, souvenirs from Colette in the back.  2. Brook and I leaping into 2018 :)


❤️  And so this is a gigantic thank you in 2017 and a humungous thank you in 2018. We love you and can't wait to start a fresh new year with you!
❤️  Happy New Year! ❤️ 
Flower Ta, Creative Director


All images courtesy of Flower Ta.