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Louis? Oui! Oui!

Kerri Colangelo

No one can argue with me when I say that Louis Vuitton is one the best selling brands at the shops. Emails. DMs. Calls. Texts. Everyday we get inquiries about luxury items, especially the highly coveted LV goods. The requests do not stop. Intake. Authentication. Distribution. Our turnover of modern and vintage LV is unsurpassed- bar none.

What is most interesting to me is the superpower of a luxury brand, even a second time around. The namesake alone sells the goods.

I spoke to a customer the other day about her prized purse collection, some of which she was selling to us. I have these conversations often. I asked this longtime customer why she preferred her LV over all other bags. She said that the bag was durable and functional. It lasted a long time. She could set it on the floor. She could mistreat it and abuse it (to a certain degree) -yet it still looked fresh as a daisy. She added that since it is made of coated canvas and not leather, it is lightweight. A good trait for an everyday bag.

I am most curious about what attracts customers to each item. I like to know which pieces get the most usage and rotation. I'm always curious about what our customers look for. Which item is on their hunting list? Most of the time, they say they love the randomness of what appears at Dechoes, the happenstance.

Her Louis Vuitton handbag is her investment buy. It is a luxury accessory that is masquerading as an everyday bag. It fits and functions effortlessly in her life, holds all her belongings, and doesn't quit looking good. More importantly, it makes her happy and improves her life. Aren't we all in constant pursuit of such object?

Hint: Are you on the hunt for something similar? Has something in the store or on our Instagram caught your gaze? Are you anticipating the next thing that arrives? We take the unattainable and put in within reach for you. Maybe a big ticket investment object is a good incentive for you to spring clean your wardrobe. How good will that feel knowing that you worked so hard to declutter your closet inch by inch, diligently trimming the excess of the things you don't need or use anymore? Be ruthless with your cleaning. Do it this week. Eyes on the prize, my friend. Eyes always on the prize.




All images via @dechoesresale.