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The Long Weekend Ahead :)

Kerri Colangelo

“I love this image that Mikey shot. I don’t even remember how many shots he took that day. All I remember was standing up on the ledge outside the College Park shot in the blazing sun -but for this image, it was all worth it. “ -Flower.

Floral printed scarf, Gucci. Price available upon request.

An image like this helps one to dream of lovely summer days spent outside.

The other day I saw Nitza and her husband crossing the street and as she approached our store, her lovely face was framed with a colorful little scarf tied around her neck. The wispy ends were bouncing and fluttering with the wind as she walked. It made me smile.

Let me describe to you a beautiful day.

Spend some time outside on your day off. Then to cool off, pick up a cold brew or a juice (for those of you refraining from caffeine). May we suggest Credo or New Moon right in the College Park neighborhood.

Then stop in and plunk down on our couch. They’ll offer you a drink. It’s your day off so you can have two drinks if you want. With the image of the scarf in mind, flip the pages of the Hermès book next to you that teaches one the many ways in which to wear a scarf. Sure you can Google how but wouldn’t it be nice to sip and flip. Then buzz around our shop and hunt a bit.

Hunter. Gather 

That’s my idea of a lovely day. Now onto your next adventure. Now that you know a couple of new ways to fold and tie a scarf, wear it one on your next day off to make yourself smile. 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. We will be closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day. We will be open on the following day at 11AM with walk-ins starting at noon :)

Image by Mikey Massas. // Words by Flower Ta.